Since Rodrigo Duterte became president, almost 8,000 drug suspects have been killed during police operations according to Human Rights Watch. On the other hand, domestic human rights groups and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) believe the actual tally is triple that figure.
The terrors of the drug war continues even in the time of pandemic as suspected drug victims and activists alike are killed by state forces, emboldened by the President's own words. According to another Human Rights Watch report, the extrajudicial killings (EJKs) increased by more than 50% in the early months of the pandemic.
These continued acts of violence demand for our stronger support to the efforts of human rights groups and advocates, UN, and ICC to probe these human rights injustices. We the sovereign youth can do something about it. Let's amplify the calls for justice and accountability!

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Download and read this in-depth narrative that builds the case for true justice and accountability in the drug war and its crimes against humanity.
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Share this campaign to your friends, family members, and members of your immediate community. To achieve genuine justice, we must have a clear vision of what accountability looks like and ways to achieve it.

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  • Ask your local government to support the ICC petition to investigate the drug war killings.

  • Join organizations, groups, and initiatives that fight for human rights and call out injustices.

  • Vote for government candidates who prioritize human rights.

  • Speak out online and on-ground against the policies and normalization of violence.

Get to know the chilling reality behind the drug war casualties through Alyx Carumpac's documentary Aswang. These acts of violence seem lost in our public consciousness as everyone struggles to survive, but this is the very reason why we must revive the convertions around the drug war and continue demanding to end this culture of violence.
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