National Youth Agenda

Get to know the shared vision of the youth all over the Philippines. Use it as your compass in planning your strategies, campaigns and projects catered to the Filipino youth.

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Start the Healing Primer

To achieve real healing as a nation we need systemic change focused on public health, social, and legal impacts of drug use. Harm Reduction — or the humane and human rights-based approach in addressing drug issue — has positive impacts on individuals and the larger community.

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Claim Your Power Toolkit

History has proven the youth’s innate capability to make change. When we harness this power today — by learning new things together, supporting one another, and creating things as a team — anything can happen.

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Stop the Killings Primer

To break the cycle of violence and impunity, we need to be champions for human rights. We need to seek justice and accountability for the trail of human rights violations.

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Expanding Civic Spaces Toolkit

Education is power, and acquiring that means widening our spaces and avenues where we can learn.

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