Strengthening the power of the youth

Through different campaigns and activities, we aim to strengthen our capabilities and build a youth movement that’s sharp (mas masigasig), solid (mas matibay), and broad (mas malawak).

Mas Masigasig

We create avenues for holistic, relevant, and transformational education. We want to engage young Filipinos to help bring about their innate capacities for socio-political involvement.

Mas Matibay

We provide a platform for discussions, mutual guidance, and support. We want to enable safe spaces for individuals to explore and grow their innate potential to participate in nation building.

Mas Malawak

We seek to build a network of advocates for human rights, freedom and democracy to cultivate and strengthen a collective youth movement.

Working collectively

WeTheFuturePH is composed of different committees that work hand in hand to build the future Philippines that we envision.

Community Engagement. Cultivates an atmosphere of solidarity and collectivism by providing support and opportunities for collaboration within WeTheFuturePH members.

Leads: Krishna Ariola, George Ampil, Hannah Jimala

Networking and Partnerships. Establishes and maintains partnerships among WeTheFuturePH, its allies and its stakeholders.

Leads: Madelene de Borja, Jullia Claire

Learning and Development. Strengthens the youth’s innate ability to be advocates for positive change through learning materials and capacity-building activities.

Leads: Dom Balms, Kassandra Abila

Policy and Governance. Forwards rights-based innovations in policy and governance locally and internationally and proactively pursues the vision of the youth through rights-based policies.

Leads: Bea Orante, Lorenzo de Vera

Campaigns and Advocacy. Creates strategies to influence policymakers and stakeholders and spearheads activities designed to raise awareness and build public support on specific issues.

Leads: Wynona Galvez, Joshua Villalobos

Media and Communications. Popularizes and builds public support for the movement for justice, freedom and dignity through various communication campaigns and projects.

Leads: Christine Alvarez, Christine Chung, Julius Samonte

Reinventing the youth movement

In these times when human rights are violated and freedoms are suppressed, we need to reimagine how to step up, speak out, and act. By practicing these values, we move closer towards the society we want to live in.


We stand with young Filipinos from different sectors in the country. True justice only happens when all of us enjoy our rights.


It’s not enough to be aware. We also need to actively participate in shaping our society.


We may not share the same experiences, opinions, ideas and the like. But we all share one thing — our humanity.


We are different, and that’s a good thing. Our different perspectives and ideas are all valuable in the movement for genuine positive change.

Claiming our power

History has proven the youth’s innate capability to make change. When we harness this power today — by learning new things together, supporting one another, and creating things as a team — anything can happen.

So, let’s make things happen. Here’s how we can do that:

Exercise your right to vote...

...and invite your friends to do the same. Fill out your registration form online, file it at the COMELEC, and take photos of the process. Post them on social media and tag your friends using the hashtag #HeroAngMagparehistro. By expanding the youth vote, we make our collective voice louder.

Register now

Take part in the youth movement

Registered already? Good. Now let’s move to the more exciting work — making change through the elections and beyond. Join the WeTheFuturePH network and let’s build a better future for the Philippines as one united youth.

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