National Youth Agenda

We, the youth, embrace our role as agents of change.

We actively and strategically build a roadmap towards the realization of our vision through a national youth agenda.

The Youth Agenda, as our shared vision as the Filipino youth, shall direct our strategic actions in the battles we will fight for and win. It was born out of the initiative of youth leaders representing various youth groups across the country that convened in a series of youth summits, camps, assemblies and forums nationwide.

The WeTheFuturePH Youth Agenda holds three characteristics imprinted in its core:


It is the agenda of the Filipino youth, by the Filipino youth, and for the Filipino youth. The voices of the youth themselves from all regions and sectors are represented in the document. It is advocated by these same Filipino youth, assuring general, national, and specific, regional issues to be surfaced.


The Youth Agenda is the expression of unity of the Filipino youth. Not an individual, nor a lone organization does the building of the agenda. It was done, and will continue to be done collectively through consultations and collaborations with as broad a network as it can reach. It connects the individual youth to the broader youth sector to collaborate and create strategies for action. It actively engages with the community both in forming and campaigning the agenda.


The agenda is our road map towards genuine social change. It is not a wish list, nor a list of rants of the youth. It’s a document that offers ambitiously attainable objectives the youth propose towards achieving the vision of the Philippines they are striving for. The youth is calling for a transformation in society and the agenda allows us a practical guide towards attaining this change.

We face the battle for our future with our Youth Agenda as our weapon. Together, we stand and wield our power to create positive social change.

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The National Youth Agenda is a live document and is responsive to the needs and calls of the Filipino youth. Feel free to work with us on keeping the Youth Agenda at its most representative, collective and transformative! Email us at [email protected].